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BG LIFT Catalogue

Crawler Crane BG LIFT CWE 315 | cod. 000235


Item Number: 000235
Category: Crawler Crane
Brand: BG LIFT
Model: CWE 315
Hours: NEW
Certifications: CE
Conditions New

Additional description

Tracked wagon with lowered box frame Track with steel links, planetary gearmotors with negative brake with 2 forward speeds Yanmar engine with 4 cylinders 55 kW Stage V, liquid cooled Stabilizers with crossbars with double crossed output N. 4 hydraulically extendable stabilizers with control proportionalN.4 lifting connectionsN.4 stabilizer rod plates diameter 500 mm electrical system with CAN-bus system SENSE - Electronically controlled load and stabilization limiter, with feedback from the DLC display - Predictive flow rate indicator Hydraulic circuit with hydraulic pump variable flow and multifunction proportional distributor plywood lifting hooks and fastening for the removable ballast transport.
Crane No. 2 articulated arms with connecting rods and forks No. 6 hydraulic extensions Heat exchanger Continuous rotation with turntable and hydraulic and electric rotating joint 8-function Steady remote control with color LCD display.
  • Standard painting: Arms and crane column in yellow RAL 1007, black jacks (color not customizable) Carriage black RAL 9005, stabilizer jacks black RAL 9005.
  • Reference standard: EN12999.
  • Electric motor: three-phase 15 kW-400V-50 Hz with variable flow pump + Inverter.
  • Jib: 4S articulated with n. 4 hydraulic extensions complete with controls and conduits for pipes.
  • Quick coupling: Quick-faster for crane-jib connection.
  • Winch: 1900 kg direct pull with pulleys at the tip of the crane with overload control and control.
  • Pull pulleys: double, 6th base crane extension.
  • Pull pulleys: in the fourth, 6th extension of the basic crane.
  • Pull pulleys: at the tip of the Jib 4S.
  • First extension: manual after 6th extension.
  • First extension: manual for Jib (NO CE).
  • N. 2 controls: at the tip of the Jib with exchange solenoid valves and tube collector (not compatible with the operator's basket).
  • Hook support: lowered adjustable for basic crane capacity Kg 10000.
  • Special support: shaped for suction cup manipulator for basic crane, max. 7000 Kg (not suitable for lifting with hook).
  • No. 2 arms: articulated with connecting rods and forks No. 6 hydraulic extensions Heat exchanger.
  • Rotation: continuous with fifth wheel and hydraulic and electric rotating joint.
  • Remote control: 8 functions Steady with color LCD display.


  • Remote assistance telematics unit: RACE - Activation fee excluded
  • N ° 4 led headlights: (2 front 2 rear) on the wagon
  • N ° 2 led lights: on the crane arm
  • Supports for stabilizer plates: 500 mm
  • Overshoes: covered with vulcanized non-marking rubber
  • Body: 6mm thick stainless steel with large aluminum lid
  • Crane arms and column painting: different from yellow 1007, in RAL color range
  • Carriage painting: different from black, in RAL color range
  • Single-seat operator basket: without rotation
  • Two-seater operator basket: without rotation
  • Two-seater operator basket: with manual rotation
  • Safety devices: CE approved basket
  • Oil: Biodegradable

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