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It is possible to know brands and models of all the means on the market.

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LiftKing LK4C
LiftKing LK5M-AG
LiftKing LK6C
LiftKing LK6M
LiftKing LK6M-AG
LiftKing LK6P
LiftKing LK6P44
LiftKing LK8C
LiftKing LK8M
LiftKing LK8M-AG
LiftKing LK8M42
LiftKing LK8P
Liftlux SL 153-22L D4WDS
Liftlux SL 205-25 DS
Liftmoore 1032
Liftmoore 1032X
Liftmoore 1032X-11
Liftmoore 1032X-15
Liftmoore 1032XP
Liftmoore 1640
Liftmoore 1640X
Liftmoore 1640XP
Liftmoore 2000
Liftmoore 206EL
Liftmoore 206R
Liftmoore 206REL
Liftmoore 208EL
Liftmoore 2550
Liftmoore 2550X
Liftmoore 2550X-16
Liftmoore 2550X-20
Liftmoore 2550XP
Liftmoore 2700AR
Liftmoore 3200
Liftmoore 3200REE
Liftmoore 3200REL
Liftmoore 3612REE 7-15
Liftmoore 3612X 9-15
Liftmoore 3660
Liftmoore 3660X
Liftmoore 3660XP
Liftmoore 4000X
Liftmoore 4000X-16
Liftmoore 4000X-20
Liftmoore 4064
Liftmoore 4064XP
Liftmoore 5000WX
Liftmoore 5000WX-16
Liftmoore 5000WX-20
Liftmoore 5080
Liftmoore 5080X
Liftmoore 5080X-20
Liftmoore 5080XP
Liftmoore 5080XP-20
Liftmoore 60100
Liftmoore 60100XP
Liftmoore 60100XP-24
Liftmoore 6036DX
Liftmoore 6036DX-22
Liftmoore 6036WX
Liftmoore 6036WX-16
Liftmoore 6036WX-20
Liftmoore 72100XP
Liftmoore 72100XP-21
Liftmoore 72100XP-24
Liftmoore L-21
Liftmoore L-21-7
Liftmoore L-21W
Liftmoore L-21W-7
Liftmoore L-8
Liftmoore LA6K
Lima 1200-SC
Lima 1500-C
Lima 1500-SC
Lima 2400-B
Lima 2400B
Lima 45-SC
Lima 4700
Lima 550-TC
Lima 700
Lima 700-HC
Lima 75-C
Lima 7700
Lima 7707
Lima 900-T
Lima 990-TC
Lima  700-HC
Lima  700-TC
Linde Material Handling H100
Linde Material Handling H100/1200
Linde Material Handling H120
Linde Material Handling H120/1200
Linde Material Handling H140
Linde Material Handling H140/1200
Linde Material Handling H150
Linde Material Handling H160
Linde Material Handling H160/1200
Linde Material Handling H180

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