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It is possible to know brands and models of all the means on the market.

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John Deere 437E
John Deere 480C
John Deere 482C
John Deere 482D
John Deere 485E
John Deere 486E
John Deere 488E
John Deere JD380
John Deere JD480
John Deere JD480-A
John Deere JD480-B
Jomac HFC-1815
Jomac HFC-3016
Jomac HFC-3019
Jomac HFC-4527
Jomac HFC-6517
Jomac HFC-6521
Jomac HFC-6526
Jomac HFC-6531
Jomac HFC-8017
Jomac HFC-8021
Jomac HFC-8026
Jomac HFC-8031
Jones Cranes IF12A
Jones Cranes IF15A
Jones Cranes JC 212
Jones Cranes JC 616
Jones Cranes JC 620
Jones Cranes JC 8100 HC
Jones Cranes JC 850 HC
Jones Cranes JC 880
Jones Cranes JC 880 HC
Jones Iron Fairy JC 212
Jones Iron Fairy JC 616
Jones Iron Fairy JC 620
Jones Iron Fairy JC 800
Jones Iron Fairy JC 8100HC
Jones Iron Fairy JC 850HC
Jones Iron Fairy JC 880HC
Jost JT 132.8
Jost JT 152.8
Jost JT 182.8
Jost JT 212.12
Jost JT 252.12
Jost JT 312.12
Jost JT 352.12
Jost JT 412.24
Jost JT 612.32
Jost JTL 108.6
Jost JTL 68.4
Joy Global P&H 250XPC
Joy Global P&H 285XPC
Joy Global P&H 320XPC
Kalmar DCD200-12
Kalmar DCD200-12LB
Kalmar DCD220-12
Kalmar DCD240-6LB
Kalmar DCD240-9LB
Kalmar DCD250-12
Kalmar DCD250-12LB
Kalmar DCE100-12
Kalmar DCE100-6
Kalmar DCE120-12
Kalmar DCE120-6
Kalmar DCE127-6
Kalmar DCE140-6
Kalmar DCE150-12
Kalmar DCE150-6
Kalmar DCE160-12
Kalmar DCE160-6
Kalmar DCE160-9
Kalmar DCE180-6
Kalmar DCE90-6
Kalmar DCG 100-12
Kalmar DCG 100-6
Kalmar DCG 120-12
Kalmar DCG 120-6
Kalmar DCG 127-6
Kalmar DCG 140-6
Kalmar DCG 150-12
Kalmar DCG 150-6
Kalmar DCG 160-12
Kalmar DCG 160-6
Kalmar DCG 160-9
Kalmar DCG 180-6
Kalmar DCG 70-32 E3
Kalmar DCG 70-35 E4
Kalmar DCG 90-6
Kalmar SMV 108 TB6
Kalmar SMV 4127 TB5
Kalmar SMV 4527 TB5
Kalmar SMV 4527 TB6
Kalmar SMV 4531 TB5
Kalmar SMV 4531 TB6
Kalmar SMV 4535 TB5
Kalmar SMV 4535 TBX5
Kalmar SMV 4537 TB5
Kalmar SMV 4537 TBX5
Kalmar SMV 4542 TB5
Kalmar SMV 4542 TBX5

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